The main purpose of Triogy Racing Team coaching is performance improvement, injury-free training and enjoyment of athlete during the training period and activities, as much as possible. Training service is based on personalized coaching and every program is completely unique. Functional parameteres, sports history, current physical and health state and the goal of athlete are determinants of the volume and intesity during the training micro and mesocycles.

Holistic approach and personalization are the basics of Triogy Racing Team coaching philosophy. Holistic approach is one where many aspects of the athlete are considered – physical state, mental state, current health status, but also the job and family obligations, as all those aspects need to be considered as the whole in the training process. Phill Maffetone who coached Mark Allen to his 6 Ironman World Champion titles well said that “Endurance helps make us more than the sum of our parts”.

The logo of Triogy Racing Team represents modified Zen circle (Ensō) which states that “mind is free to let the body create”, that means that body, mind and spirit needs to be aligned for the best performance. The health of athlete is priority so its possible to achieve consistency in the training, then its incorporation of the training in daily job and family obligations for a stress-free training, and then it comes to the efficiency of daily training routine.

Main goal is to train effective and smart where every training has purpose. More kilometers does not always produce best results, so its cleat that aim should be to achieve as much as possible with less training.