“To be able to train at the highest level and fulfill my potential I needed a coach who would devote its time and give me sense of confidence; Ognjen was the person I was looking for. His education, but mostly experience allowed him to know what are the crucial details I should work on. Furthermore, because he went through decent amount of bad things, he was able to tell me what I have to avoid in order not to experience his mistakes. However, when I had hard times, he was ready to listen to me and adapt the practices. Overall, I am very happy to had Ognjen as my coach because I reached many of my seasonal goals and still have a lot of space to improve.” Milan Tomin (Serbia & United States), multiple National elite and junior champion in triathlon and aquathlon, bronze medalist at European junior Aquathlon Championships

“Working with Ognjen and Triogy Racing is fanstatic, goals are designed for my specific needs and even though I live in Mexico, I can have the feedback to my training thanks to Ognjen’s well organized aproach to coaching that also includes great nutrition and race specific tips. You really feel part of a great team in Triogy Racing.” Ramon Osorio (Mexico), Manager at racetrack “Hnos. Rodríguez” and age group triathlete

“I am working with Ogy 4 years now and I like that program is completely systematic. There is no nonsense training and during every period of year there is focus on some specific work and every training has its purpose. Program is individualized according to abilty of athlete. Communication is open and there is always a feedback.” Nikša Papić (Serbia), National champion on 50 km Ultramathon and bronze medalist from National Marathon and Halfmarathon Championships

“In the moments when I thought to stop running because of frequent injuries, I saw one nutritional article Ognjen wrote which made a lot of sense to me because of its simplicitiy and meaningfulness. As I saw he is offering coaching service I decided it will be my last attempt. Even after first sessions, because of the principles of trainings, I saw its something completely different from everything I encountered till then. Results, joy with the every new training and complete psychophysical balance were obvious very soon. After some time of training I saw his big experience in all segments of problematics in sports, and therefore simplicity in problem solving. If Ogy didnt took maximum from you and didnt make you respectable athlete who always has a trick up his sleeve, you should reexamine your training approach as he is not coach for unserious approach. His precision and very prosfessional approach are seeking matching response. But he has one flaw for us who are not very young – he use too small font in the training plans :-).” Predrag Nikolić (Croatia), Construction Businessman and ultra runner with many ultra races done including Tor des Geants (330 km, 24.000 m d+)

“Great training plans, adjusted to your performance at every time and to your weekly needs. Regular tests to show your personal evolution and goal setting. Always willing to adapt trainings when possible to maximize your performance. Clear, concise and straightforward plans that will help you throughout the season. 24/7 available for questions, doubts and advices.” Alberto Alayon Morin (Spain and Netherlands), Merchandising Director at Nike European HQ and age group triathlete; IRONMAN finisher

“Due to my sport studies and as a coach for other athletes, training with Ogy was such a great experience. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning to hire a personal trainer for my Ironman journey, because we tend to think we can train ourselves objectively. Ogy was from day 1 planning the trainings accordingly with my skills and providing me a bespoken solution to maintain balance between job, training and my daily basis. The plan was beyond a simply written to-do-list, with a complete guidance in terms of nutrition, materials and how to face a race like a pro. I eventually learned from him how to train smarter and results oriented. We successfully crossed the finish the line of the Ironman and achieved our main objective. I’ll highly recommend to let Ogy steer you to whatever is your goal (you name it); Learning, experience and joy from an outstanding athlete & coach who merges passion with profession.” Daniel Juan Serna (Spain and Germany), Senior Manager at Adidas Football and age group triathlete; IRONMAN finisher

“I am training with Ognjen for more than a year. I contacted him when I realized that by training alone I am not able to make progress in disciplines that I run: 5km, 10km and half maraton. At the beginning we defined goals and I got adapted program according to my current abilities. The training program was designed so that with a minimum of effort we get the maximum on race and achieve the desired results. In the end, I was surprised by how much progress I’ve made and how much personal best improved in all disciplines. Ognjen is very up to date, you can always ask for some clarifications and quickly get feedback. I am very happy that I have Ognjnen as my coach and I think I still have space for improvement and we will work together to achieve even better results in the future.” Aleksandar Adžić (Serbia), Manager at “Tim Kabel” and runner placed 4th at National Half Marathon Championships

“It has been great to have Ognjen as a triathlon coach. He has been amazing on maximizing my performance and to keep my motivation to achieve my goals. His flexibility to adapt the plans and his continued availability has been key for my success in sport but also to maintain a great work-life balance.” Nicolas De Ros Wallace (Spain), Football GM at Nike and age group triathlete; IRONMAN finisher

“My experience with Ognjen Stojanović lasts since 2013. Nowadays Internet is powered by different kinds of triathlon programs and coach services but then it just wasn’t so common by coaches in Serbian  area. As I always make experiments and take risks, I started working with Ognjen and that “risk” paid off in total. From this point I see how lucky I was to find him. The whole point is in very detailed planing and professional approach to every single aspect. I have to point up that there are so many serious things you need to care about. Goals definition, physical potential, injury prevention, motivation, specifically combined family and professional duties, equipment, limited time, disability (I had serious car accident with 4 screws in my leg before I started training) and finally training and racing. Ogy was involved in all in both professional and friendly ways. Training by those weekly plans with consideration of all your personal challenges makes triathlon become an symphony for the body and soul.” Aleksandar Vučićević (Serbia and United States), CEO at “GM Group LLC US” and age group triathlete

“I started working with Ognjen 3 years ago. After a year filled with injuries and disappointments I decided to find a “personal” coach and stop looking for programs on the Internet and following random people advices about training and race tacticts. At the beginning Ognjen was more of a “practical” decision as he was physically close, we spoke the same language and fit my budget, but from today perspective I wouldn’t change him for any coach anywhere in the world. Apart from his great knowledge about the training process, the right amount of training and prioritization he is a great psychologist and motivator and he always finds a way how to bring the best out of me. Under his supervision I managed to achieve results that I never dreamed of. But beyond personal best times Ognjen taught me how to enjoy, in every race, every training, every moment of doing triathlon. And for that I will be always grateful. I highly recommend him for every tip of athlete, no matter if you are a beginner or a pro Ognjen will bring a new dimension in your training and your life.” Dančo Gjorgjijevski (Macedonia), Marketing Manager of “Sweet Wise” and age group triathlete; IRONMAN finisher

“I trained with Ognjen few years/seasons during which I successfully finished  IRONMAN in Kalmar, Sweden, in under 11 hours, and also Long distance triathlon in Motala, Sweden, in extremly tough weather conditions. Apart from race results, I am really satisfied with the fact I learned to look at training as a long term process where the most important thing is consistency. Before that I always had tendency to “chase” hours and kilometers, even I didnt know exact purpose of those trainings. Ognjen in his work insist that every training/week/cycle/period and part of the season has clear goal and purpose, and all that in relation with the season goal and long term goals. Ognjen for sure focus on quality over quantity which is in my case resulted that I got faster (I run 5 km in 18:26 minutes). The thing which is for me as an age group triathlete, who is employed, of priceless value is that Ognjen has unlimited ammount of understanding for us who are working beside triathlon training and he very precisely know how to fit quality training in every day life which can often be very busy. He is definitely not one of those coaches who monthly send an email with training program and then not respond for the next 30 days. Completely opposite from that, he is very aware which are challenges in front of us and my experience is that Ognjen are very successfully overcoming those challenges, and all that thanks to availability, flexibility and sincere interest for his athletes. And that availability, plus big knowlegde and experience which Ognjen has as an athlete and a coach, makes his service not only quality but exclusive in some way, and I always felt that I have someone who has control of my progress even its onlince coaching service.” Đorđe Đorđević (Sweden and Serbia), Salesman and age group triathlete; IRONMAN finisher

“Being a former athlete, active in long distance running until 1995, I’ve returned to running after almost 20 years of break. Pushed myselft to the limits and got some limited results but survived very tough moments and some injuries. After a while I’ve started working with Ognjen and within very short time gained great trust in his programmes and advices. He changed my routine into trainings that are less stresfull, more dynamic and interesting. Immediately I felt better, with greater confidence and ran some great races, posting personal best results race after race during 2016. His plans are precise and, which is more important, realistic and build up your body steadily and consistently. Since I’m very active in business now, with huge ammount of travels around the world and without too much time to really dedicate myself to serious training, Ognjen has done wonders in combining my life and with running plans. One thing about him put a smile on my face numerous times – there is solution for every situation, he’ll always find a way to use your available time, health and will  to get maximum from your mind and body on a race day.” Mladen Alvirović (Serbia), Editor at “SAT Media Group”, Co-founder of “NAVAK” and marathon runner

“My experience with the Ognjen and his Triogy Racing Strength and Conditioning programs has been amazing so far! I have started using his program in the fight camp for my second Pro fight, and continued to use his service for all of my next fights, and I did 6 of them. One thing that I love the most about his program is that he is always available for my questions and he always track how do I feel during the fight camp and if necessary he modify the program slightly if we feel it’s too intense/mild. Also, Ognjen always ask to give him my schedule of other training that I will do in the fight camp, so he can incorporate it with the Strength and Conditioning program.” Luka Strezoski (Serbia and United States), PhD student and professional MMA athlete with a score 6-0

“During the work with Ognjen, I saw that it is more important to train right then to train a lot. I was getting program via email, 2 microcycles in advance, so I always knew a bit in advance what training is in front of me, which I liked a lot – for a hard training its important to be psychiologically ready also. Ognjen was always there to explain me every task and every training which was not immdiatelly clear to me, ando also I was always in communication with him in case we need to change some things in program depending of my classes at Univeristy. Training has been planed great, so I was never in deep or chronic state of fatigue, and in talk with Ognjen, when its racing season we always peaked form for one or two most important races, and on those races I felt in top shape and strongest really. Ognjen was not only focused on phsyical work, as he always knew how to motivate me before the race, and that was additional support for me. I had complete trust in our work, and results I reached and good feelings during the trainings are sign that thanks to Ognjen I improved my performance a lot”. Bogdan Tomin (Serbia), National elite champion at Olympic distance and Half-distance triathlon

“Triathlon requires very serious training approach, which I was trying to construct on my own for several years, but just couldn’t calculate it all well enough, so in 2015 I approached Ogy, and I’m so glad I did it. I have to say the good coach can make all the difference: being fallowed, advised, looked after, motivated is a fantastic thing, and just knowing you are doing the right thing in the right moment in that huge puzzle of a racing season gives you all new level of commitment and serenity.  The “zones” method Ogy uses was all new for me, but also very easy & fast to accept and apply – sooner that I thought much better racing and training results came along the way. I can definitely speak only in superlatives about my experience in Triogy Racing Team! Thank you for everything :)” Nemanja Ranković (Italy and Serbia), Tour guide and age group triathlete

“With Ognjen I had professional relationship from the start of our work. I really liked his analyticity and commitment to details, and also holistic approach to training. All those things provided me to focus more on the feeling during the training, and because of that I improved my results and minimized injury risk. Work with Ognjen also provided me to significantly improve my running technique, which resulted to more efficiency and better results. I also appreciated excellent communication and fast responds, and his adaptations of training program according to my job obligations.” Stefan Hunjadi (Serbia), Architect, kayak athlete and recreatinal MTB biker and runner

“I am working with Ognjen since 3 years ago and I am very happy with training method and results I acomplished. My main discipline is marathon. During those 3 years I improved my marathon results by 36 minutes, but I also discovered the beauty of Triathlon and Ironman. Ognjen is completely dedicated to individual training programs which he creates so that we got best results for less possible time invested in training. Before I started working with him, I spent more time on training, but results has been significantly worse. Last marathon I ran in Chicago where I qualified for Boston Marathon, and I ran with pleasure and without any low moments. That is a result of great preparation and great communication with Ognjen who follows the races, results, who sends comments and he adapt everything to a training plan. With all this, he is also giving advices on nutrition which are essential for quality of life and training. I am lawyer, 47 years old, and I enjoy family, job, sport, and from the begining of training with Ognjen I feel improvements in all mentioned and in my health.” Vladmir Beljanski (Serbia), lawyer, marathon runner and age group triathlete

“I cooperated with Ognjen since 2013, but very intensive from december 2014. Ognjen is a great coach and motivator that knows better his “students” than they know themselves. To be clear: evrything is on you, but with a great coach as Ognjen, weight that you carry on your back is much lighter and fully sustainable! Major difference between Ognjen snd other coaches I have expirienced is that the programs that Ognjen mskes gradually uplift your condition, with perfect timing for race, easily with no injuries and minimum pain, you reach your targets. My were 1:34h in Halfmarathon, 3:29 h in Marathon, bellow 5:45 h in Ironman 70.3 – I achived 5:36 h, and finally below 12:30 h in Ironman – I achieved 12:08 h – and all these under Ognjen’s supervision! Ogy is a great coach that will bring you great results and fullfilments of all sport dreams!” Darko Lukić (Serbia), Founder of “AMM Consulting”, marathon runner and age group triathlete; IRONMAN finisher

“I think I can very precisely and honestly jugde knowlegde of the coach as I am doing triathlon since 1993. Personal reason I started to work with a coach is aditional motivation, apply new trends i experiences in training process. One period, due to my job obligations, I was able to work with Ognjen who followed my progress with training tests, having in mind my complete physical and psychological state, and in balance with my free time he was programming less demanding and demanding training sessions. This is most ideal way to acomplish personal goals, but this “comfort” has persons who are responsable and dedicated and have less stressful job. Personal coach is great option for beginners and for professionals. Online coach is great option for athletes who already had personal coach and with proper motorics. For me online coach is mainly of motivational character, and he is for persons who are serious and consistent. Before we started, big help for Ognjen was analysis of previous activities, will to train and objecitves, plan of free time, my health status and history of previous injuries for preventive exercises. During our work I was able to change way of combining triathlon disciplines, to organise myself better and again motivate for trainings. Training had exact purpose, they took less time than before, and they have been with more intesity and more fun. Having in mind his planning for long distance triathlon, I have full trust in Ognjens expertise and knowlegde.” Aleksandar Bzdusok (Serbia), Owner of “Aquaplan doo” and age group triathlete; one of first two Serbians to finish IRONMAN race

“”Listen to your body” is advice I got from Ognjen at the very beginning of our colaboration, and that advice got me to successful finish of two IM races in two years. Listening to the body became the important thing in my training, while I am in constant communication with Ognjen while he is following my trainings. Even we live in different cities, or countries sometimes, the fact that Ognjen follow, analyse and comment my training gives me a lot of security and belief in our work. After two years, my self-confidence is on significantly higher level. That is result of my constant training and Ognjens program which is based on expertise and huge racing experience he has. Through our colaboration, apart from big progress and results, I am able to see clear difference between training and being trained”. Slobodan Radoičić (Serbia), Director of “Emil Frey Auto Center”, marathon runner and age group triathlete; IRONMAN finisher